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FAQ | General

FAQ | General

Are you currently accepting new patients?

We are always accepting new patients and emergency walk ins. We also accept patients on ODSP and OW programs.

I have a dental emergency, is there a dentist that I can see?

In case of a dental emergency, our dentists are on call 24/7. Please contact the office at 905-895-8031 for the Doctors cell phone number for after hours care.

I have a huge fear of the dentist, what are my options?

We understand that for some people, being at the dentist is not the easiest place. We have provided distractors like televisions in the ceiling and we are really friendly! For the more anxious we have sedation services like laughing gas and sleeping pills that can be taken before the appointment to make you really relax.

I am looking for a new dentist in Bowmanville, what makes your office unique?

We are a family owned and operated dental practice. We all like consistency and to us that means seeing the same familiar face especially knowing that the dentist is sometimes not the easiest place to be at. We believe in providing consistent care and as owners of the office we will guarantee you see the same dentist at your visits.

We also believe in using the latest technology to make things as easy as possible. We have digital x-rays, digital impressions and many more advanced technology services we provide in Bowmanville.

I don’t have dental insurance, do you provide payment plans?

We understand that finances can sometimes be a barrier to dental care, so we want to work together to find a suitable arrangement. We bill directly to your insurance company and can also provide payment plans on a monthly withdrawal basis depending on your unique treatment plan.


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