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Wine and Dental Health

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We all have been told hundred times since childhood that sugary treats and caffeine do no good to our oral health. And guess what? Alcohol is just another addition to that list of things that might affect your teeth adversely. Even dentists in Newmarket have attested to the fact that wine does a great damage to our molars.


Why Wine Damages Your Teeth?


A lot of studies prove that wine isn’t bad for general health if consumed in moderation. But, it is not completely wrong that wine affects ones teeth. Some of the reasons are as follows:

  1. Wine is acidic in nature and it has the capacity to erode the enamel of your tooth that also results in color change.
  2. Presence of chromosomes in red wine causes staining. These are basically pigments which when mixed with tannin’s get stuck on teeth and leave a reddish color.
  3. With age, our teeth begin to become weak as the microscopic cracks develop on the outer later. These further increase in size with time. So this means more stains and deteriorating oral health. At such point, professional whitening of teeth can be the best way to improve overall appearance of your teeth as suggested by Newmarket dentist.


Some preventive measures:


  1. It is best to avoid brushing teeth right after you have consumed wine. This is because acidic level of your mouth changes after drinking wine and brushing might just spread the acids more.
  2. Rinsing mouth with water can help remove chromosomes and that can reduce the chances of staining. Even the acidity levels go down.


If you are someone who loves wine and cannot live without it, make sure you visit your Newmarket dentist as frequently as possible.

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