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Why Go For a Teeth Whitening Treatment?

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Why Go For a Teeth Whitening Treatment?

A teeth whitening treatment is all the rage these days, and there is no surprise as to why a bright, shining smile is known to enhance a person’s self esteem and is one great factor in boosting their self image. A clean, white set of teeth indicate not only good oral and gum health but also that a person takes time out to ensure that they are well maintained and presentable.

Thus teeth whitening in Newmarket has gained massive popularity among every group of people. Anyone who prefers a set of white pearly teeth over dull, yellowing ones is known to be an ardent follower of trends in teeth whitening in Newmarket, which include some slightly effective home remedies like:

1.        Lime Juice
While lime juice is definitely known for its teeth whitening properties, it is not advised that it be used to enhance the natural whiteness of one’s teeth. According to the dentist in Newmarket lime juice is highly acidic, which is abrasive to the enamel of the tooth. A damaged enamel can lead to extreme sensitivity and can lead to further yellowing of the tooth in the future.

2.        Charcoal
Again, another effective home remedy. However the problem with this is that most charcoal that is available in the market and is sold as a whitener is usually not pure charcoal and is mixed with harmful chemicals which can damage the tooth.

Thus, while home remedies can help provide a temporary shine, it is advisable to visit dentist office in Newmarket for teeth whitening for those who would like permanent results without being exposed to harmful chemicals known to damage the sensitivity of a tooth.

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