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Why do you need a Dental Filling?

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Why do you need a Dental Filling?


Bacteria exist within all our mouths. These various kinds of bacteria feed off what we eat especially sticky food that forms a layer over our teeth and stays there till we brush properly. If left untouched, the live bacteria in our mouth works to form a layer called plaque on our teeth. This plaque impairs the healthy functioning of our teeth and can be very harmful. When a doctor suggests a tooth filling, he cleans the affected area, completely removing the bacteria that feeds there, and then uses material like gold, amalgam or porcelain to close off the tooth so as to prevent more bacteria from housing itself there. Dental clinic Newmarket, like East River Dental, will be able to guide you better as regards what kind of filling would suit you. Fitted with state of the art technology, East River Dental dentists have the best technology at their disposal and are adept at performing a number ofprocedures.

Thus tooth fillings function as material that helps restore part of the tooth that has been eaten away by the bacteria. Usually an anesthesia is given to the patient to ensure that she/he doesn’t not feel a lot of pain during the procedure. In some dental clinic Newmarket, like East River Dental, the patient has the option of choosing in-house entertainment in the form or TV and video games to get distracted while the dentist performs the procedure.

After the procedure, you might experience mild to moderate tooth sensitivity, which s totally normal. However, if this sensitivity persists, consider meeting with your dental specialist again to make sure an infection hasn’t spread during the procedure. For various reasons try not to be too adventurous with your diet. To know more about whether you need a dental filling, and to book an appointment with a dental clinic Newmarket, log on it EastRiverDental.Com or call at 905-895-8031.

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