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What You Need To Know About Dental Implants

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What You Need To Know About Dental Implants?

What You Need To Know About Dental Implants - East River Dental Care - Dental Implant Treatment Newmarket

Dental implants Newmarket are metal posts that are embedded in the jaw for mounting an artificial tooth. They are more long lasting than bridging the teeth because they have their base set in the jawline of the person.

Sometimes during tooth decay, the infection reaches the root and mars the whole teeth. The roots of the teeth are also eaten up by the decay. In such cases of dental implants can provide new and stronger teeth to the people. Sports persons are also in need of dental implants because they need a stronger solution in case their teeth knocks off during some accident. People lose their teeth gradually as they proceed towards old age, dental implants can endow them with new and permanent teeth.

For effective dental implants, it is important for you to have strong jaw bone density and effective gum health in order to provide good support to the iron posts. You should visit your Newmarket dentist regularly to ensure good bone and gum health.

There are two types of dental implants:

Endosteal implants In these types of implants, the implants are first rooted in the gums and when the gum tissue heals up they are connected with a post to the gums.

Superperiosteal implants In such implants the metal frames or posts are embedded first in the gums. Then the gums are left to heal. One end of the post protrudes from the gums. Once the gums are healed and the artificial crown is mounted on the post.

Dental implants being a new innovation to the science of orthodontics have acquired great significance. People are increasingly switching to dental implants from dental bridging because of their quality of permanence. Although dental bridging is a time consuming procedure but it is more efficient than dental bridging. Contact your dentist Newmarket if you are in need of one. For more information, visit or call on 905-895-8031.


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