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What to Look for a Dentist in Newmarket

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What to Look for a Dentist in Newmarket

Finding a good dentist to suit your requirements and a decent dental clinic is usually glossed over by many people as one of the things that can go unnoticed. But taking good care of your set of teeth is one of the most important things to do for your overall well being. While looking for a dentist, remember that the dental clinic speaks much much louder than you can imagine! Any dental clinic in Newmarket reflects of the dentist’s professionalism, work ethic and position in terms of his career. Thus a dental clinic can be a good indicator of whether the dentist you’re at is worth taking care of your precious pearly whites or not.


If you’re at a dental clinic for the first time, remember to look for the following signs:

  1. Absolute cleanliness. Yes, the single most necessity of managing a health clinic is cleanliness. Look for the general smell of the clinic and whether the walls, floors and objects around you seem to be carrying visible dirt. Don’t be shy about asking the dentist or staff to show you the sterilization area and ask them questions about what steps are taken to ensure sterile equipment is used.


  1. Designated areas for seating and reception. A huge signifier of how organized a dental clinic is, is the internal organization of the waiting room. Does it seem disorganized? Does the receptionist look troubled and confused? You probably want to steer clear of this one!


  1. Finally, the staff including the assistant, hygienist, receptionist and dentist should look professional and be friendly. After all, you need to be comfortable and trusting of these individuals that are going to be caring for your oral health!


While these tips are the basics of how to judge any dental clinic & dentist in Newmarket, look for more signs and look for reviews from existing patients to help with your final decision. Our unedited reviews straight from our patients are posted on the bottom right side of outr website for everyone’s perusal.

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