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What to Expect in Case of a Dental Filling Emergency

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What to Expect in Case of a Dental Filling Emergency

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As opposed to the traditional treatment of decayed, fractured or abscessed tooth that inevitably meant a surgical extraction, modern dentistry aims at saving the natural tooth for as long as it can be saved. As a result, fillings are extensively used by dentists in Newmarket when faced with a severely decayed tooth. According to dentists in Newmarket, a filled tooth requires immense post treatment care to protect it from damage and ensure long term success of the treatment. However, a chipped, broken or fallen filling is not an uncommon problem therefore, if your filling comes out unexpectedly there is nothing to be worried about as an emergency dentist Newmarket is just a phone call away!

An emergency dentist Newmarket takes care of a tooth that requires immediate attention. A fallen or damaged filling poses the risk of contamination and inflammation of the tooth due to which urgent dental treatment is needed.

The treatment of a damaged filling typically begins with the thorough examination of the affected tooth, as it helps the emergency dentist Newmarket in determining the best suited treatment. The following procedures can be used to treat the damaged filling:

  • Restoration: if the tooth stands the chance of restoration, the emergency dentist Newmarket guides the patient in deciding the apt filling material. Typically, amalgam is recommended for molars and premolars, as it is more enduring and does not pose a problem in chewing and grinding and composite and glass ionomer are best suited for front teeth like incisors and canines, as it blends with the natural tooth colour and ensures a natural smile.
  • Root canal treatment: in some unfortunate cases, where the filling falls out completely leaving a gaping hole in its wake, a RCT is recommended.
  • Surgical extraction: in the rarest of cases, extraction is conducted and the emergency dentist Newmarket fills the gap either with a bridge or a dental implant.

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