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 What Kind of Foods Prolong Teeth Whitening?

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 What Kind of Foods Prolong Teeth Whitening?

Professional teeth whitening in Newmarket has become all the rage these days, thanks to teeth whitening clinics that have established themselves with the sole aim of providing the best care when it comes to teeth whitening solutions. A professional teeth whitening at Dentist office in  Newmarket involves a number of steps that a dentist undertakes to ensure that the results that you get from the teeth whitening procedure are long lasting, effective and absolutely pain-free for you!

Thus a teeth whitening in Newmarket is a long drawn procedure which requires the dentist in Newmarket to examine your teeth and ensure that no medical past of dental surgeries is an obstacle in your path of getting a bright white new smile! In order to prepare yourself for a teeth whitening procedure, you can go through testimonials from people who have undergone the same procedure and have benefitted from the wonderful results.

Apart from that, you might be surprised to know that there are quite a few things that you yourself can do to contribute to the life of your new set of pearly whites. This involves consuming certain kinds of food and avoiding others, in order to ensure that the enamel does not bear the brunt of your eating habits after the teeth whitening in Newmarket.


Some foods that you can eat to prolong the effects of a teeth whitening procedure are:




Some foods that you should avoid at all costs are:


Sodas that contain caffeine

Artificially colored foods

Thus foods that are fresh and organic prolong the effects of a teeth whitening in Newmarket,while processed foods must be avoided to a great degree!

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