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What is Gingivitis And How To Deal With It

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What Is Gingivitis And How To Deal With It?


A mild inflammation of gums that occurs when a film of bacteria gets accumulated on the teeth is called as gingivitis. It is a non-destructive periodontal disease that is caused majorly because of plaque.

Gingivitis can result in swelling of your gums, and often times, it may result in bleeding. The condition is not painful, but you need to be acquainted with the telltale signs like blood on the brush and bleeding gums. Right steps should be taken to treat gingivitis in its initial stages only. Treating the condition is quite easy, as it requires a person to brush twice a day daily and floss regularly. Cleaning roof of the mouth as well as tongue using a soft-bristled brush is what is needed for treating gingivitis. Once your gums will come back to their original pink color and would no longer feel puffy, it would mean that the gums are happy once again. It is, however, best to get in touch with a dentist in Newmarket in order to know about tips for dealing with gingivitis. A good dentist will be able to help you in a much better way when it comes to gingivitis.

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