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What Happens During a Dental Checkup?

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What Happens During a Dental Checkup?

Dentists around the world usually recommend a dental checkup every four to six months. However, due to negative images propagated by the media and through prior bad experiences, many people often harbour a phobia that prevents them from getting a dental checkup. These phobias are usually baseless and are based on inadequate information about what goes on inside a dentist’s office. Dentists in Newmarket often differ in their practice, but these are only minor differences, while the important steps are more or less the same. Here are the two primary functions of a dental check up:


  1. Dental Cleaning

The first step of a dental check up is to clean the teeth in order to remove any debris and infecting plaque from the teeth. During this process, dentists use a scaler, which is a small instrument with a blunt blade at one end, to remove tartar from in between the teeth. This will be followed by an abrasive paste, which will remove buildup from the enamel. Dentists in Newmarket finish up with the final step of the cleaning process – flossing, which is done to ensure no remnants are left stuck between the teeth.


  1. Dental Examination

A dental examination follows a dental cleaning. Once the teeth are clean, dentists look for signs of infection, usually a dental cavity. Dentists are on the lookout for any signs of decay, so they examine gums for swelling and redness. They will also look for signs of grinding by seeing how the upper and lower jaws align. Dentists in Newmarket might further recommend the patient to an orthodontist based on their observations. Based on the dental examination dentists will further recommend the patient to a specialist, or get an XRay done for further prognosis of any problems found.

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