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What Are The Different Types Of Dental Emergencies

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Have you been ignoring a slight discomfort in your gums and teeth since a long time? Well, you should not be ignoring any kind of pain in your teeth or gums as it may worsen in the future. But, sometimes people do this ignorance unknowingly as they fail to identify a dental emergency.

Here is a list of situations when you must go to dentist office in Newmarket without fail to avoid dental emergency situations:


Chipped or Fractured Teeth: Even the strongest of teeth can be chipped or get fractured any time. It can be caused because of biting too hard or from unknown cavities. The moment you experience chipping rush to your dentist office in Newmarket immediately to get the proper treatment on time.


Knocked Out Teeth:A knocked out teeth is definitely an emergency else the damage can become permanent. If you will contact the dentist immediately you can save your tooth from permanent damage.


Dislocated or Broken Jaw Line:Broken jawline is one of the most common dental emergencies that people often tend to ignore. They can be caused by any strong force like an accident or a sport injury hitting directly on your jaw. Broken jaws need specialised attention else you will become vulnerable to basic activities like eating, drinking and even breathing.


Toothache: Any kind of toothache should not be avoided you never know what is the severity of the pain you might be experiencing. Your dentist can identify the cause of the pain right away, which can either be tooth decay, infected gums, etc. and will provide treatment for the same.


While there are variety of reasons for dental emergencies, these are the most ignored one’s despite needing the special and immediate attention.


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