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What Are Gum Restorations

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What Are Gum Restorations?

What Are Gum Restorations - East River Dental Care - Newmarket Dentist

If your Newmarket Dentist has advised you a full gum restoration, also known as a gum draft or gum tissue restoration, fret not. A gum restoration might be needed to improve your smile, or to protect your teeth from avoidable wear and tear. Gum recession is the process in which the gum surrounding a tooth slowly recedes or pulls away, exposing the tooth to damage. This could also be a leading cause of tooth sensitivity. Gum recession is a fairly common problem and affects most people at some time in their lives.

In order to protect the tooth from further damage, and possibly even breaking, a gum graft might be needed. While it is a fairly simple procedure, it is advised that you approach a certified Newmarket Dentist who is confident enough with conducting the procedure. Usually a patient is able to go home after the procedure, but if you are given sedatives you might need to return to your dentist soon.

Additionally, your Newmarket Dentist might give you specific restrictions regarding medication and diet. While gum tissue grafts usually don’t cost very much, they are covered by most insurances. It is important to know when to go to a doctor. If you feel that your teeth are overly sensitive and if you experience bleeding gums that is accompanied with swelling, you should probably go see a dentist to know whether the condition is serious enough to warrant a gum tissue graft.

If you think you might need a gum graft, you need to get in touch with a good dentist. East River Dental provides great options and has some of the most accomplished dentists to perform procedures for you. They have a reputation of offering effective gum restoration services that last long. For more information on dentists in Newmarket for gum restoration, visit or call on 905-895-8031.


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