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Understanding the importance of dental sealants

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Understanding the importance of dental sealants

Perhaps, the most common dental problem among growing children is dental caries or tooth decay, which is a result of improper diet, negligence of oral hygiene and lack of fluoride intake. According to dentists Newmarket, proper care ensures the continuous mineralization of teeth, which protects it from the catastrophic attacks of bacteria. However, even after diligent oral care cavities have been reported in children and adults alike. What is interesting to note here, is that our back teeth i.e. our molars and premolars are the ones that are most prone to tooth decay.

The reason given by dentists Newmarket is that our back teeth have a groovy surface, which often attracts sticky food. Our saliva is the natural protective factor that inhibits bacterial action but, sometimes the grooves and pits are so deep that it cannot reach every nook and cranny. Further, the crevices and fissures on the surface of molars and premolars make cleaning difficult. The bacteria in our mouth feast on the stuck food and lead to cavity and plaque formation.

A dental sealant can be referred to as a stitch in time, as it is a preventive measure that is recommended by dentists Newmarket especially for young children to protect their teeth during the cavity prone age of 6-14. They are nothing but a preventive shield of plastic that is applied on the back teeth to even out the surface which thereby, facilitates proper cleaning. They can be white, clear or tinted depending on the type of sealant used.

Although sealants are recommended for young children as soon as their permanent back teeth erupt, it is also suitable for adults. The sealants render a smooth surface to the back teeth making it accessible to saliva and toothbrush ensuring proper oral hygiene. For more information about Newmarket dentists, visit or call on 905-895-8031.


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