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Treatment of Bad Breath

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Treatment of Bad Breath

Children are more susceptible to foul breath, as they are ignorant when it comes to dental hygiene and parents require a great deal of patience to educate them about its benefits. As stressed by kids dentist Newmarket, foul breath can quite often be the earliest manifestations of a systemic disease, which makes it necessary for us to counter the problem as soon as possible. Treatment of bad breath depends on the various factors that trigger it. It can be effectively eliminated by countering the factors that contribute to it.

According to kids dentist Newmarket, these are some of the ways that can be used to drive away the stench:

  • Proper diet: cut down on the intake of aerated and sugary drinks, as they attract the rapid growth of stench producing bacteria. Encourage your child to consume more and more fruits and vegetables and make sure that they don’t skip their meals.
  • Keep the child hydrated: dry mouth provides a fit ambience for the growth of bacteria and according to kids dentist Newmarket, drinking lots of water helps enormously. Dentists also recommend citrus fruits, as they facilitate saliva production which is very beneficial for the mouth.
  • Proper oral care: maintaining a dental routine inhibits bacterial growth and freshens breath. Change the child’s tooth brush every few months to ensure proper cleaning. Encourage the child to clean his tongue, as the bacteria are abundant on and around the tongue. In case the child wears braces, clean them regularly.
  • Treating infections: if the cause behind the foul stench is an oral infection, then the dentist tries to cure it with the best possible treatments.
  • Diagnosing systemic problems: if the common remedies fail to counter the problem, then kids dentist Newmarket recommend a visit to a physician, so that he can conduct a thorough check up of the child’s body to determine the underlying cause and eliminate any potential systemic diseases.

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