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Top 3 Health Problems Your Dental Visit May Uncover

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Top 3 Health Problems Your Dental Visit May Uncover

Top 3 Health Problems Your Dental Visit May Uncover - East River Dental Care - Newmarket - Ontario - Canada

A lot of people aren’t even aware of the implications of skipping a dental examination. And confess it; we’ve all been guilty of missing out on out quarterly check-ups with dentist in Newmarket. What some people don’t know is that this can have a bigger impact on the overall health. Take a look at the surprising health concerns that your dentist will be able to discover after the oral examination:

1. Low Immune System: Feel drowsy all the time? The immune system can get low due to a number of reasons, such as when combating infections or when stressing out too much. Your mouth is just what you need to check to see how the body is dealing with an infection, while the immune system at times can result in mouth ulcers. Only your Newmarket Dentist will be able to suggest you a dietary combo of zinc, vitamin c, vitamin d, as well as rest. In case you notice cracking on the corners of the lips, it is probably because of fungal infection caused by low immune system.

2. Anemia: The reason you might be feeling sluggish all this while is likely due to low iron levels. Though the apparent signs of iron-deficiency are loss of appetite and pale skin, but if you have reddened tongue then it’s time to get appointment with a dentist. One glance at the gums and the dentist will get to know about anemia deficiency.

3. Extreme Stress: When you get past the deadline, you’ll end up wearing and damaging your pearly whites without having any idea about it. Too much stress is related to hormonal release, which can cause a number of health issues. Those who mentally over stress their brains can experience night grinding and teeth brushing as its repercussion.

So, you should get in touch with a dentist in Newmarket as soon as possible and get your dental checkup done. For more information, visit call on 905-895-8031.


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