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Toothache Relief From Cracked Or Broken Teeth

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Toothache Relief From Cracked Or Broken Teeth

Toothache Relief From Cracked Or Broken Teeth - East River Dental Care - Canada - Ontario - Newmarket

Human teeth are remarkably strong, but they can also fall, crack, and break. A broken or chipped tooth can cause a sharp and agonizing toothache, which can need immediate attention of a dentist in Newmarket. Before you head to a dentist, there are ways in which you may be able to find toothache relief from cracked or broken teeth naturally.

  • As your tooth gets cracked, its dentin layer gets exposed. The vast difference in temperatures on consuming food (hot or cold) can cause pain. Therefore, it is best to avoid foods which may be too hot or too cold for your teeth.
  • In order to relieve toothache, you should also avoid consuming high sugary food items and the ones high in acid content. Such acidic or sugary foods can both your teeth, thereby causing a sharp ache.
  • If you have already been having a toothache, it is best to reach out for an anti-inflammatory pain killer that will reduce inflammation associated with dental pain. Do not use a pain relief medication on your tooth as it can even result in burning of the tissues.
  • Dentists in Newmarket also suggests the use of clove oil as the best home remedy for treating toothaches caused by cracked and broken teeth. Eugenol is best known for its anesthetic properties, and can be easily purchased from any local shop nearby.
  • You may also try rinsing your broken teeth with warm salt water, which can certainly help remove bacteria from the infected area. The antiseptic properties of salt water will heal the pain naturally.
  • Lastly, if your tooth is aching, just sleep with your head elevated. Sleeping with an elevated head will take off pressure from the toothache area, thus providing your relief.

Next day, definitely reach out to your doctor for a proper treatment of toothache.For more information, visit or call on 905-895-8031.


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