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Tips For Relieving Tooth Decay Pain

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Tips For Relieving Tooth Decay Pain

Tips For Relieving Tooth Decay Pain - East River Dental Care - Newmarket Dentist - Canada - Ontario

Tooth decay or cavities can occur when plaque produces acid that destroys the tooth’s enamel and the underlying layer called dentin. It can further cause gum diseases, bad breath or dental abscesses. The condition can be extremely painful to deal with. If you cannot get timely help from a Newmarket Dentist, it is best to try some pain relieving remedies. Here are some tips that can help you deal with the agony of tooth decay pain:

1. Avoid foods and beverages that are too hot or too cold as that can further aggravate the pain. Also, avoid foods that are too acidic or sugary. All these can worsen the condition.

2. Try and floss between the teeth that hurt. It will probably be good to remove the food particles that might have stuck between the teeth as this can reduce the pain.

3. Call your Dentist and take an over-the-counter pain reliever in order to relieve tooth decay. Pain relieving medication can ease the pain and reduce inflammation. Ibuprofen is a good medication that can be taken for relieving pain.

4. At home, you can also try and apply clove oil on the teeth that are paining. It is always good to keep clove oil (eugenol) handy. Eugenol is easily available at health food stores. A clean pair of tweezers can be used to soak a cotton ball in the clove oil. Then apply that ball on the teeth that hurts. Hold the ball there for 20 seconds – don’t swallow it!

These tips can definitely help you relieve tooth decay pain for some time. However, to relieve the pain quickly, you should see the dentist in Newmarket quickly. You never know you might need tooth extraction or root canal for the problem. For more information, visit call on 905-895-8031.


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