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Things You Should Know About Root Canal

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Things You Should Know About Root Canal

Dental Root Canal - Things To Know - Root Canal Treatment Newmarket - East River Dental Care

Root canal procedure is a popular and highly successful one, with a 95% success rate. Almost all teeth fixed using root canal Newmarket last a lifetime, though exceptions are always there. There are some common signs which signal towards the need for a root canal therapy, which have been discussed below:

>> Pain in teeth on application of pressure or on chewing food.

>> Sensitivity to cold or hot food items.

>> A recurring pimple formation on the gums.

>> Discolored tooth.

>> Swelling in the surrounding gums.

Common Complications That Arise During Root Canal Process:

Even after your Newmarket dentist efforts, there can be some complications which may make root canal procedure not really a successful one. A lot of patients can get infections right after getting root canal Newmarket procedure. Some of the common reasons for the same are:

>> If one of the root canals remains untreated, it can create complications later. When there are multiple root canals required in a single tooth then this problem can arise.

>> If the root of the tooth has a crack then it can result in an unsuccessful therapy.

>> If the inner sealing gets broken over the period of time then bacteria can decontaminate the area in the time being thus complicating the process.

In all these cases, retreatment might prove beneficial. However, a lot of times dentists in Newmarket may recommend endodontic surgery. One of the common endodontic surgical processes is root-end resection which relieves infection around the tooth.

Though root canal is one of the most reliable options for saving the broken or infected tooth, there are other alternatives too. Patients can opt for bridges, implants or even partial denture process to resurrect the teeth and ensure normal functioning. For more information about root canal Newmarket, visit or call on 905-895-8031.


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