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Teeth Whitening at a Clinic: Is It For You?

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Teeth Whitening at a Clinic: Is It For You?

If you have considered a professional bleaching at a teeth whitening clinic, there must  be a number of questions you’ve gone through in your head. Answering these pertinent questions is certainly important to determine if a teeth whitening clinic will be the answer to your discoloured set of teeth. There are, apart from the general concerns, some health concerns as well that your dentist in Newmarket will address before conducting the process of bleaching.

As for your part, you need to decide whether you need to visit a teeth whitening clinic in Newmarket. Here are some guidelines to help you decide:

  1. The Nature of Stains

While most people who suffer from enamel stains can benefit largely from a professional bleaching done at a teeth-whitening clinic in Newmarket, there are some stains called intrinsic stains that are difficult to be targeted by a regular bleach that contains hydrogen peroxide. Superficial stains are usually on the outer enamel and are caused due to the consumption of foods like chocolate and wine.

  1. Sensitivity of Teeth

If you suffer from sensitive teeth, whitening using a bleach might drastically worsen the sensitivity. It is better to consult a dentist at a teeth whitening clinic in Newmarket before going ahead with a professional bleaching. With careful planning and proper instructions by your dentist, sensitivity can be drastically reduced.

  1. Ornaments or Fabrications

If you wear a dental crown, denture or a porcelain veneer, you might reconsider bleaching. Since artificial materials don’t respond well to teeth whitening, you might need to upgrade your appliances to suit the new colour of your teeth. A visit to a teeth whitening clinic in Newmarket should give you a better idea of whether bleaching will work for you or not.

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