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Treating a Knocked Out or Avulsed Tooth

The supreme objective of the various dental clinic Newmarket is to provide world class emergency services to ensure timely treatment and preservation of our original smiles. Various state of the art treatments provided by dexterous dentists in Newmarket are aimed at preserving our original teeth and increase their longevity. Therefore, if a gruesome injury sustained while playing or in an unfortunate accident leaves you with a knocked out or avulsed tooth, visit a dental clinic Newmarket immediately because, the sooner the tooth is replanted the chances of a successful recovery considerably increases.

The treatment of a knocked out tooth at a dental clinic Newmarket begins much like other dental treatments with the cautious examination of the injury, which allows the dentist to ascertain the extent of the damage and rule out any other damages. This is followed by the careful examination of the preserved tooth to determine its chances of successful replantation. If the root of the tooth is in a somewhat intact condition, the dentist proceeds in the following manner:

  • Cleaning: the area is cleaned of any remaining fragments of the broken tooth with water.
  • Repositioning and stabilizing: the fallen tooth is replanted and stabilized with the help of a splint, wire or composite material and is left to reattach for several weeks. In most cases, when the injury is not extreme the root reattaches within 3-4 weeks. The more serious is the injury, the more time is required in healing.
  • Root canal Newmarket procedure: depending on the progress of the root, dental clinic Newmarket resorts to RCT after a few weeks. The RCT is done much in the same manner as customary but, before a permanent filling is placed to complete the procedure, a medication is placed within the tooth to facilitate successful recovery.
  • Regular follow-ups: the dental clinic Newmarket monitors the progress of the replanted tooth every 3-6 months to establish the success of the treatment.

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