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What to expect during a dislodged tooth emergency?

Traumatic injuries sustained on the jaw while playing or during an accident, whether mild or severe often have dire consequences and therefore, require immediate attention. Blunt force trauma on our teeth may leave them chipped, split, broken, knocked out or dislodged and a dexterous emergency dentist Newmarket must be consulted right away! According to dentists in Newmarket, a dislodged, extruded or luxated tooth is the result of a severe injury in which the tooth is dislocated from its proper position and is either pulled partially out of the socket or pushed in or sideways.

The treatment of a partially dislodged tooth typically begins with the comprehensive analysis of the injury that helps the emergency dentist Newmarket to decide the best suited treatment. There are essentially two courses that can be taken to treat the dislodged tooth depending on the severity of the injury:

  • Restoration and stabilization: the examination of the affected tooth reveals the condition of the pulp. If the blood vessels of the pulp are in somewhat unharmed condition, the emergency dentist Newmarket attempts to reposition and stabilize the tooth. The affected area is anesthetized and cleaned after which the tooth is relocated and held into place with the help of a wire bracket, composite resin or a plastic splint. This is the preferred treatment for children as their teeth are still in development stage and therefore, have the ability to heal rapidly. After the emergency treatment, regular follow up is required for the close monitoring of the healing process.
  • Root canal treatment: if the pulp is severely damaged, the emergency dentist Newmarket resorts to root canal treatment to save the tooth. The procedure protects the damaged tooth from contamination and further damage and increases the longevity of the tooth.

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