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Having an Emergency Dentist on Speed Dial Can Save You

While much has been written about why an emergency dentist is necessary, few people truly understand the importance of having an emergency dentist in Newmarket on speed dial. An emergency dentist is one who is available round the clock, or at least during night time, when regular dentists aren’t available, to treat dental emergencies. An emergency dentist is also trained to be quick of his feet and treat an injury or any such emergency so as to lessen the impact of the injury, and, if possible, restore the patient’s health back to normal.


Thus it is no surprise that an emergency dentist in Newmarket should be on everyone’s speed dial. Whether it is a minor bleeding, or a major injury, an emergency dentist is probably the best person to visit. There are also scenarios when a patient undergoing an oral treatment, like a root canal therapy, finds a sudden rupture in the gums, coupled with bleeding. In such cases, it is recommended that the patient visit an emergency dentist rather than waiting to book a regular appointment with a dentist.


It is always better, in some cases, to visit an emergency dentist rather than try to use home remedies to solve a problem:

  1. In case of any kind of bleeding that does not stop by itself, you must visit an emergency dentist in Newmarket at the earliest. While a minor bleeding might stop by itself is you rinse your mouth with saline solution, when the bleeding has a different source, like an infection, you must visit a dentist at the earliest.
  2. Secondly, and most importantly, when there has been an impactful injury that has left a tooth damaged, chipped or broken, or if it has led to a major injury to the gums or lips, a visit to the emergency dentist in Newmarket is necessary to ensure that the damage is superficial and can be stopped.

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