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Do You Need a Mouth Guard?

A mouth guard is an appliance worn over the teeth which helps prevent the ill effects of teeth grinding that many people do while sleeping and dentists in Newmarket insist you to forgo. Tooth grinding might happen due to a number of reasons and while it is fairly simple to tackle and stop it in some cases, as in the case of a stomach worm, it might be inevitable in some people and they might be doomed to grind their teeth while sleeping. If you are one of these people, there is a solution for you. Continue reading “Do You Need a Mouth Guard?”

Dental Flossing 101: What, Why and How

Are you one of those people who are secretly unsure about exactly how to go about flossing? Because let’s face it, everyone teaches their kid how to brush, but not many parents are quite that particular about flossing. So when you grow older and hear these never-ending tales about the wonders of flossing, you want to know more but are too embarrassed/lazy to ask. Well, let us tell you dental flossing is all about. Continue reading “Dental Flossing 101: What, Why and How”

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