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Causes of Premature Tooth Loss among Children

A human possesses two different sets of teeth in his entire lifetime. The first set is known as “milk teeth” or primary teeth which develop when the child is not even born – erupt to the surface in infancy and remain till the age of six. Once the child turns 6 the milk teeth begin to exfoliate and give way to the second set known as “permanent teeth” that last an entire lifetime. However, tooth loss before the age of 6 and after the eruption of permanent teeth is not unheard of. This condition in which kids lose their primary or permanent teeth before the expected time is referred to as “premature tooth loss” by kids dentist Newmarket.

Ever wondered what causes premature tooth loss among children? Kids dentist Newmarket are of the opinion that premature tooth loss primarily occurs as a result of injury and disease.

Premature tooth loss due to injury:

Kids are full of life, ever energetic, out-going and their excitement knows no bounds. This makes them prone to accidents and injuries. A seemingly harmless injury may result in a damaged, broken or inflamed tooth which needs to be treated as early as possible. If left untreated it results in tooth loss. Whether the injury is grave or slight a proper medical examination is advised by kids dentist Newmarket to determine the extent of the damage, so that future catastrophic results can be avoided.

Premature tooth loss due to disease:

Time and time again kids dentist Newmarket have emphasised the importance of proper oral health care. Negligence of oral health leads to various ailments like gingivitis, periodontal diseases, inflammation and severe tooth decay. If not nipped in the bud they weaken your child’s teeth and eventually culminate in premature tooth loss. Also, diabetic children suffer from bone density loss which results in weak teeth.

Premature tooth loss can be avoided with apt dental care.For more information, visit or call on 905-895-8031.

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