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Why You Should Take Your Kids To Dentist

First of everything related to your kid is crucial, whether it is your child’s first word, his first walk, his first morsel, his first school and even his first dental appointment.Often, parents get extremely confused about when to take their child to a Newmarket dentist, whether they should wait until the teeth start coming in or they should wait until the arrival of any oral & dental problem.


However, the experts at the The American Dental Association and the American Academy of Paediatric Dentistry have a different opinion. They say that parents should take their child to dentist as soon the first set of teeth start erupting in their mouth.The age of two, when the teeth start growing is the right time to introduce your kid to the dentist office in Newmarket so that they will get acquainted with all the equipment and instruments used for dental treatment.


At such tiny age, even the dentist will only take a peek into your child’s mouth when he is sure that the child has become comfortable with the surroundings.The importance of the first dentist visit of your child can be summed up in three points:


  • It will help your child get familiarised with the dentist office in Newmarket environment and the staff, thus they will not find it threatening.
  • Your child will be introduced to the specific dental language used at dentist clinics like ‘tooth counter’, ‘tooth pillow’, ‘tooth sweeper’, etc. which dentists often use to explain their equipment.
  • Third and the most important benefit it is will allow the Newmarket dentist to look for any possible decay in your kids tooth. Additionally, he will check for gums strength, frenum issues, jaw, bite, etc. problems that may hamper your child’s speech.


Most importantly, your kid will become familiar to healthy dental practice for good dental hygiene at a tiny age.

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