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Gingivitis- Know the Cure

We often take our oral & gum health for granted, and tend to be least bothered with the symptoms that call for attention right away. Commonly known as gum inflammation, Gingivitis can be hard to diagnose because it is often shrouded by the lips and the teeth, and one tends to overlook the symptoms or simply misunderstand it as gum bleeding. It is curable and Newmarket dentist have the perfect solution for it, but one needs to diagnose it by not overlooking the symptoms before it gets too serious and becomes irreversible. These gum diseases ultimately lead to dental problems.

Plaque is responsible for this disease, when plaque comes in contact with the tissues around our teeth, it causes an infection which leads to swelling and reddishness in the gum area. Gum bleeding has also been reported as a common symptom and consequence of this disease. One may not feel any pain and that remains a major reason for people missing out on the diagnosis, but for that an easy solution is to have regular appointments to the Newmarket dentist to assure a perfect oral health.

If diagnosed in correct time, the infection can be treated in various ways which include professional cleaning around the area which would exterminate the plaque and bacteria from the area. There are even surgeries to treat this problem and Newmarket dentist offers these services at your convenience. When it gets to a serious stage, one might have to go through this surgery and one can also lose a tooth. Certain medicines are also suggested to avoid the infection, but the easiest way to avoid this disease is to keep the teeth clean with flossing and brushing the teeth, so that the bacteria don’t get the chance to make a den inside your teeth. Bad breath is also a consequence of gingivitis which morally discourages you as you’re embarrassed to talk to anyone. So, visit a Newmarket dentist soon and ensure a healthy smile because you deserve it.For more information, visit or call on 905-895-8031.


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