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Treatment and Prevention of Sensitive Teeth

The sharp twanging pain in your teeth every time you eat or drink inhibits your everyday activities. Sensitivity can be mild or severe depending on the extent of damage and must be tended in order to ease the discomfort. The various dental clinic Newmarket are adept in treating sensitive teeth and also diligently make patients aware of the various preventive measures that they can take to avoid sensitivity.

Treatment of sensitive teeth:

The treatment of sensitive teeth at a dental clinic Newmarket primarily begins with a detailed examination of the tooth that helps the dentist to determine a treatment plan. If the damage to the enamel is not so severe, de-sensitising products are used by dentists in Newmarket to soothe the twanging. A gel or a mouth wash rich in fluoride is applied to the affected area to calm the nerves. In case of severe damage like a chipped or broken tooth, a damaged filling that exposes a deep cavity or severe abrasion near the neck of the tooth dentists in Newmarket resort to sealing, restorative filling and even bonding. In case a tooth is severely inflamed, a root canal procedure is recommended by dental clinic Newmarket.

Preventive measures:

Proper dental hygiene protects our teeth from corrosive bacteria and plaque, which damage the enamel. Dentists in Newmarket recommend brushing and flossing twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste. They also emphasise the appropriate technique of brushing as it saves the teeth from wear. Small circular motions while brushing is the right method, as it do not damage the enamel. Moreover, the timing is also important as some food tend to soften the enamel, which gets brushed off when we brush our teeth immediately after eating. Therefore, there should be at least a one hour gap between eating and brushing. Acidic food and drinks should be avoided.

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Treatment of Premature Tooth Loss for Young Children

According to kids dentist Newmarket premature tooth loss, much like many other dental and oral problems, can be avoided with some basic preventive measures. These preventive measures include:

  • Teach the child to regularly brush and floss, as it impedes the growth of bacteria and plaque.
  • Pay special attention to the child’s diet to ensure strong teeth and healthy body.
  • Diabetes affected children are more prone to premature tooth loss as they suffer from bone density loss. For them,kids dentist Newmarket recommend osteoporosis and osteonecrosis treatments which replenish bone density.
  • To avoid premature tooth loss due to injuries sustained while playing sports, protective equipment like helmets and mouth guards are recommended.

For treating premature tooth loss kids dentist Newmarket determine the cause of early tooth shedding.

Treatment of premature tooth loss due to injury:

  • The first step is a careful assessment of the injury to determine the suited treatment.
  • In case of a primary tooth loss the dentist inserts a space to retain the gap, so that the permanent tooth can take its place when the time comes.
  • In case of a premature permanent tooth loss it is advised to retrieve the tooth, clean it and store it in water or milk before taking it to the dentist. For a tooth to be effectively replanted it is necessary that the shed tooth is in a favourable condition.
  • In case the tooth cannot be replanted a dental implant is considered.

Treatment of premature tooth loss due to disease:

  • The dentist will determine the disease that is responsible for tooth loss.
  • Once the disease is identified kids dentist Newmarket clean, disinfect and prescribe proper medicine for the specific disease.
  • In case it was a primary tooth that was shed a space is inserted to maintain the gap.
  • In case a permanent tooth is lost because of disease replanting it is out of the question and therefore implant is considered.

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