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Some Tips to Inhibit your Child's Habit of Thumb Sucking

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Some Tips to Inhibit your Child’s Habit of Thumb Sucking

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The easiest way to calm a bawling child is to slip a pacifier into his mouth. These things were created to soothe your child and make him fall asleep. According to kids dentist Newmarket, a fair amount of children develop a natural habit of thumb sucking to pacify themselves when they feel insecure or anxious. It is nothing to worry about if the habit dies by the time the child turns 5 but, it surely becomes a problem if it persists till the eruption of permanent teeth.

Thumb sucking is known to have caused dental problems among children but, the severity of these problems depends on the intensity with which the child sucks at his thumb. If your child just likes to keep the thumb in his mouth it is unlikely to cause serious damage however, if he sucks at it vehemently then it can cause nonaligned dentures, deformed roof of the mouth, and even dental and skeletal open bite. Therefore, it is acutely important for your child to drop the habit before it is too late. Kids dentist Newmarket suggest some effective ways with which you can inhibit your child’s thumb sucking habit:

  • Understanding the cause behind this habit is of utmost importance according to kids dentist Newmarket, as they are of the opinion that it is a soothing mechanism that a child develops to overcome discomfort, anxiety and insecurity. Therefore, scolding and reprimanding your child is definitely not the right solution. Rather, try to comfort the child which will make him forget his anxieties.
  • Encourage your child with rewards every time he successfully resists sucking his thumb.
  • Take your child to a kids dentist Newmarket as they are immensely proficient in convincing the child and in enlightening him about the catastrophic results of thumb sucking.
  • If nothing works you can also cover your child’s hands with mittens or socks.

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