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Signs You Need Root Canal in Newmarket

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Signs You Need Root Canal in Newmarket

A root canal is suggested by a dentist in Newmarket whenever the teeth pain becomes unbearable caused by infection or serious decay. It is a multi-step procedure wherein the infected pulp is removed from the decayed tooth and then sealed after cleaning to prevent any teeth pain in the future.

Removal of pulp (many a time nerve) from the decayed tooth or root canal therapy in Newmarket becomes mandatory in the following cases:

  1. Unbearable pain or pressure on the tooth while chewing
  2. Teeth sensitivity to hot or cold
  3. Discoloration or darkening of the tooth
  4. Tender or swollen gums near the decayed teeth
  5. A pimple-like bump near the decayed teeth

These are all those signs wherein root canal in Newmarket becomes mandatory. So there are a few steps undertaken during root canal which help ease the pain:

  1. Multiple x-rays are carried out to scope out the extent of tooth decay. Before the root canal process starts, this is done to find out the right place of decay.
  2. Local anaesthesia might be provided to numb the infected area during the root canal treatment.
  3. An opening is made in the crown using special tools to remove the decayed nerve.
  4. After the opening is made, the area is cleaned up properly before the tooth is filled and sealed again.

After the root canal in Newmarket is done, you’ll have to visit the dentist office in Newmarket for follow-ups so that anything wrong can be prevented. Aftercare must be as directed by the dentist in Newmarket.

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