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Providing Primary Care in Case of an Avulsed Tooth Emergency

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Providing Primary Care in Case of an Avulsed Tooth Emergency

Time is of paramount importance in case of a dental injury and contacting a proficient emergency dentist Newmarket immediately can not only save the tooth but, is also crucial for the success of the treatment. Perhaps, the most serious dental emergency arises in case of a knocked out tooth. According to emergency dentist Newmarket, a knocked out or avulsed tooth occurs due to a serious injury sustained on the jaw that results in the complete falling out of a tooth from its socket.

The knocked out tooth if intact is fit for replantation, as modern dentistry is adept in dealing with such emergencies but, its success depends on the duration for which the tooth has been out of the socket and how deftly it has been handled in that period. Reaching an emergency dentist Newmarket as soon as possible, preferably within 30 minutes of the accident, is of utmost importance. However, if you are wondering about the proper steps to be taken before reaching the dentist, then here are some quick suggestions from a dexterous emergency dentist Newmarket:

  • Control the bleeding: if the fallen tooth has left a profusely bleeding hole in its wake, try to stop the flow with sterile gauze.
  • Save the tooth: the tooth is vital for a successful replantation but, must be handled with supreme care as the root must not be damaged. Pick the tooth up from the crown, gently clean it with tepid water if dirty and if possible try to replant it in the socket. If it causes pain, do not try to force it in the socket and leave it merely in the mouth, as keeping the tooth moisturised is important. The tooth can also be stored in milk, saliva or in an over the counter emergency tooth preservation kit.
  • Try to alleviate the pain: pain relievers or cold packs can help. A child can be given an ice Popsicle to suck on, till he reaches the emergency dentist Newmarket.

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