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Non-Dental Medical Issues Your Dentists Might Find Out

Dental Medical Issues - ERD

Regular oral care is essential for maintaining good overall health of your teeth. But something that you might not have an idea about is that your Newmarket dentist can see through non-dental medical conditions that are related to your mouth during an examination. These medical conditions that might get noticed during a dental checkup are diabetes, HIV, poor nutrition, infections, osteoporosis, and even oral cancer.


Diabetes: Some of the signs indicating diabetes might be loose teeth, bleeding gums, and dry mouth. Though bleeding gums aren’t just related to diabetes, they can also be a sign for gum diseases also called gingivitis. These signs might result in your Newmarket dentist suggesting visit to your physician.


Oral Cancer: Your Newmarket dentist will look for signs of oral cancer during examination. The presence of this condition is marked by appearance of red or white lesions in your mouth, tongue, or palate. Usually the chances of oral cancer can be aggravated if a person smokes or drinks regularly. Oral cancer screening might be carried out to validate the condition.


Poor Nutrition: Your mouth is the right place to find out about the eating disorders or improper nutrition. It is nearly impossible to hide eating disorders like bulimia from your Newmarket dentist as they can easily make out the condition from signs like dry mouth, erosion of surface of teeth, etc.


Therefore, keeping up with your dentist from time to time is not just good for your dental health but also for overall health in general.


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