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Need For Dental Care During Cancer Treatment

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Need For Dental Care During Cancer Treatment

Need For Dental Care During Cancer Treatment - Emergency Dentist Newmarket - East River Dental Care

Blood cancer or bone marrow cancer treatment can bring about a lot of changes in your body tissues, which also includes your mouth. Whether a patient is getting radiation therapy or chemotherapy, he is most likely to face complications which can result in bigger issues in the longer run, especially without treatment. It is therefore important for a person seeking cancer treatment to get in touch with a dentist Newmarket and seek proper help along with cancer care.

What types of dental problems can cancer treatment pose?

Cancer treatment has an affect on the weak as well as healthy cells. The side effects have a grave impact on the mouth tissues, and a lot of cancer sufferers are susceptible to thee problems. A patient suffering from leukemia or lymphoma can have the following complications:

>> Tooth decay

>> Nerve pain

>> Dry mouth

>> Nutritional compromise

>> Oral and systemic infection

>> Impaired tooth development

>> Altered jaw muscles and structure

>> Bleeding gums, particularly the ones who have low platelets, etc.

It is important for a cancer patient to get a thorough dental checkup from an experienced dentist Newmarket done before seeking any treatment for cancer. With pre-treatment oral care, it will be possible for a patient to minimize any risks related to oral complications. It will be possible to reduce oral pain. Moreover, the dentist Newmarket will be able to decrease any complications associated with cancer. Apart from this, the quality of life of a patient would be improved. And even the cost of care would reduce.

Pretreatment evaluation of dental hygiene with a good dental clinic Newmarket will make possible identification of infections of fractured teeth. A few evaluation sessions would be needed afterwards to completely eliminate the possibility of any oral infection. For more information about oral care with cancer, visit or call at 905-895-8031.


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