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How to Care for your Treated Tooth

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How to Care for your Treated Tooth

How to Care for your Treated Tooth - Newmarket Dentist - East River Dental Care

Millions of smiles are being redeemed every year through root canal Newmarket procedures. Damaged or inflamed pulp maybe a result of blunt force trauma, severe decay or chipped or broken tooth, this treatment effectively takes care of it all. However, according to dental office Newmarket, post treatment care is highly imperative for its long term success.

According to Newmarket dentists, experiencing a temporary sensitivity or tenderness near the treated tooth is perfectly normal. Even the jaw may feel taut because of keeping it open for long hours. Dental office Newmarket suggests that routine rinsing of the mouth with warm salt water facilitates speedy healing. To soothe taut muscles an alternating treatment of hot and cold packs is recommended. Apart from these quick home remedies, over the counter medicines also help.

Before the root canal procedure, dentists anesthetise the area to be treated and it is advised to refrain from eating till the numbness persists. Another essential thing to be kept in mind is that a root canal Newmarket procedure is incomplete without a proper final restoration of the tooth. The treated tooth must be completely avoided until it is restored.

Also the upper thin layer of the temporary filling may degrade and come out and it is nothing to be worried about. However, in case of these contact your dentist immediately:

  • The temporary filling comes out completely the treated tooth gets exposed and becomes vulnerable to contamination.
  • The swelling persists even after 2-3 days of the treatment.
  • A drugs induced allergy like itching and rashes occurs.
  • The bite feels uneven.

A successful root canal Newmarket procedure can change your life forever as the treated tooth is as good as original. However, to ensure long term success proper post treatment care is essential. Regular brushing and flossing aides quick healing and ensures a million dollar smile. For more information, visit or call on 905-895-8031.


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