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How to Avoid Yellowing of Teeth?

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How to Avoid Yellowing of Teeth?

Dentists often recommend the most effective ways to take care of your set of glistening whites, which is why when it comes to premature yellowing and discolouration of teeth, dentists in Newmarket are the best people to seek advice from. While any kind of yellowing, even the minutest, can be solved by dentists through teeth whitening procedures in Newmarket, there is a precautionary note that dentists often suggest- it is better to prevent discolouration rather than to go in for a procedures later.

Here are some of the tips that are known to prevent discolouration, as suggested by dentists worldwide!

  1. Reduce the intake of caffeinated beverages. Beverages like coffee and sodas contain dyes, which is known to cause discolouration of the enamel. When it comes to such beverages, dentists in Newmarket recommend reducing their intake as the best option to protect the enamel. If you must drink sodas, however, it is better to sip with a straw rather than let it swish around in the mouth.
  2. Reduce smoking. If you are a regular smoker, then this tip is for you. Smoking can severely harm the gums, enamel and roots of teeth. Apart from its intangible damage on the lungs, smoking can also cause irreparable damage to the enamel and tissues holding the tooth in the bone.
  3. Rinse mouth after every meal. Dentists in Newmarket recommend rinsing your mouth with mouthwash, or plain spring water, after every meal. This is to remove the particles attached to the teeth that can cause harm to the enamel.

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