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How Safe is Teeth Whitening?

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How Safe is Teeth Whitening?

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Life in the 21st century is defined by fast paced cars, computers and humans. In our bid to keep pace with the ever moving world, our health often takes the backseat with dental care occupying the bottom most position of our things-to-do-list. Neglected dental care added with our varied eating habits makes a catastrophic recipe for our precious teeth, which get stained and lose their lustre. Who doesn’t covet a dazzling smile that leaves everybody enraptured and renders you with a confidence that everyone envies? If you also seek a bright smile, then teeth whitening Newmarket procedure is the ultimate solution for you!

According to the dentists in Newmarket, our teeth often suffer from intrinsic and extrinsic stains that can be effectively treated with a teeth whitening Newmarket procedure that essentially entails bleaching of teeth and can be carried out at a dental clinic Newmarket or at home.

In a typical teeth whitening Newmarket procedure 2 kinds of whitening products are used:

  • Bleaching products: they contain “hydrogen peroxide” and is effective for both deep and surface stains.
  • Non-bleaching products: they contain certain agents that treat only surface stains through a physical or chemical action.

The mention of bleaching products often make people apprehensive. However, dentists in Newmarket are of the opinion that apart from mild sensitivity that wanes after 48 hours, teeth whitening Newmarket procedure does not have any adverse effects and is fairly safe for children and adults alike. The mild sensitivity can easily be reduced by a toothpaste for sensitive teeth that contains “potassium nitrate” which soothes the nerves. Dentists in Newmarket also recommend a fluoride rich product that can be applied both before and after the teeth whitening Newmarket procedure and which helps to re-mineralize the teeth. People with gum problems, decayed teeth, worn enamel, sensitive teeth and pregnancy are advised to avoid the procedure.

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