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How Does Smoking Affect Teeth

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How Does Smoking Affect Teeth?

If you’re asking this question, you probably smoke and are worried about your oral health. Either you have suddenly noticed something fishy with your teeth or are simply curious about it. The fact of the matter is that it doesn’t take any dentist very long to draw the linkage between smoking and bad teeth – once you start smoking, the difference is easily perceptible.

Smoking is most obviously associated with staining and yellowing of teeth. This is because the nicotine and tar tend to leave their mark on white enamel, thus leaving them yellow. Other than this discoloration of enamel, smoking may also lead to gum disease and teeth loss. Gum disease is primarily caused by bacteria that destroy the soft tissues as well as bone that fixes teeth into the jawbone. If the infection progressed unchecked, it creates dysfunction between teeth and gums, thus loosening teeth from their fixture. Over time, this may cause teeth to loosen and even fall off.

And that’s not all. Smoking also makes people more vulnerable to oral cancer. Though this occurs less frequently than discoloration and gum disease, it is in fact the most lethal prospects of them all. Thus, as any top dentist in Newmarket or elsewhere will reiterate, smokers need to be extra careful about oral healthcare. Better yet, enroll in a smoking cessation program offered by your local community center.

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