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Foods That Are Good For Your Teeth's Health

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Foods That Are Good For Your Teeth’s Health

Foods That Are Good For Your Teeth’s Health - East River Dental Care - Canada - Ontario - Newmarket

Almost everyone is aware that not all foods are good for our teeth. Some stain them and cause discoloration, others may incite sensitivity while some makes us vulnerable to cavities. However, few of us know about the foods that are good for our teeth and fortify them against disease and decay.

Fibrous foods are our teeth’s best friends. Vegetables and fruits that are rich in fiber tend to act as a detergent in the mouth. They clean out food residue and also gets the saliva flowing. Dairy products including milk, cheese and yoghurt are also good for the teeth for they are calcium-rich and restore the mineral value to teeth which is often lost during regular wear and tear. Even black and green tea are heath-boosters for your teeth for they contain polyphenols which kill and restrict the action of plaque-producing bacteria.

Other than these organic foods, sugarless gum is also recommended to individuals for maintaining optimal dental health. If you chew gum after every meal, it will stimulate the glands that produce saliva and also remove stray food particles which would otherwise stick to the teeth and possibly cause a spike in acid levels. To know more about foods good for your teeth, consult with Newmarket Dentist. Visit or call on 905-895-8031 for further details.


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