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Factors That Contribute To Long - Term Success Of Dental Implants

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Factors That Contribute To Long – Term Success Of Dental Implants

Factors That Contribute To Long - Term Success Of Dental Implants - East River Dental Care - Newmarket - Ontario - Canada

Dental implants are indeed the permanent solution to your missing or broken teeth. They are used to support false teeth and feel just like real teeth. Typically, implants are intended to have a long lifespan. They can stand the normal challenges of your routine. But sometimes these implants can meet an untimely end. It is, therefore, important for a person getting implants to visit your Newmarket Dentist and know tips which can assure their long-term success.

1. Just as you would clean your real teeth, you need to clean your artificial teeth. They must be thoroughly cleaned to prevent them from plaque and tartar. Like periodontal diseases can affect your real teeth, they can impact your dental implants too. Therefore, professional cleaning of dental implants in Newmarket is a must for maintaining them for long time.

2. Good oral hygiene should be maintained all the time to protect both your real and artificial teeth. Cut down on smoking, don’t do drugs, brush your teeth properly, and don’t forget to floss. Routine maintenance is a must.

3. There are many other factors that can have an adverse impact on the implants. These include bone quantity, stability, and quality of the bone. During the evaluation of implant, your dentist will see if you need to grind or clench the teeth. Depending on that, the success rate of implants would depend.

Dental implants treatment have an exceptionally high success rate. Keeping in mind the above mentioned factors, one can assure success of dental implants. Other than that, staying away from smoking, drugs, and alcohol and further enhance the overall look and health of your teeth. Get in touch with a reliable dentist in Newmarket who has a reputation for successfully placing the implants. For more information, you can visit, or call at 905-895-8031.


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