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Do You Need a Mouth Guard?

Do You Need a Mouth Guard - Newmarket Dentist - East River Dental Care

A mouth guard is an appliance worn over the teeth which helps prevent the ill effects of teeth grinding that many people do while sleeping and dentists in Newmarket insist you to forgo. Tooth grinding might happen due to a number of reasons and while it is fairly simple to tackle and stop it in some cases, as in the case of a stomach worm, it might be inevitable in some people and they might be doomed to grind their teeth while sleeping. If you are one of these people, there is a solution for you.

Mouth guards are prescribed by dentists in Newmarket to avoid the wear and tear of teeth grinding, also known formally as bruxism, which may include:

  • It might cause breaking, fracturing, loosening and loss of teeth. In some severe cases the grinding may leave the teeth as mere stumps.
  • It also has an adverse effect on the jaws. Most people report symptoms of tiredness in jaws along with extreme jaw muscle pain.
  • Extreme cases of bruxism is known to have changed the appearance of the person’s face.


Mouth guards are made of an imperishable material which helps stop the unnecessary wear and tear of grinding of teeth. When worn at night the guard protects the tooth and minimizes the effect of tooth grinding.

Other persons might also need a mouth guard, like those involved in sports like hockey, wrestling, basketball, football and tennis, to name a few. Wearing a tooth guard can substantially reduce the risk posed to the mouth by a potential injury.

A mouth guard is made by taking the mold of your upper jaw. To know more about mouth guards, get in touch with your Newmarket Dentist. For more information on Emergency Dentist in Newmarket who could help you with mouth guards, visit or call on 905-895-8031.


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