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Do all Dentists Perform the Same Function?

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Do all Dentists Perform the Same Function?

When it comes to dentistry, a lot of people are ill informed about the function of most dentists. Dentists in Newmarket are highly trained individuals who are specialised in ensuring that a person’s oral health is maintained and any difficulties arising out of negligence or infections is mitigated. However, there are still different kinds of dentists, who are trained and experienced in the specific study and treatment of a certain kind of oral problem. These might range from orthodontists and endodontists to periodontists and prosthodontists.

If you are to visit a dentist in Newmarket for a particular problem, but are unsure of which dentist to take an appointment with, here are the most common dental problems and the kind of dentist you must visit.

  1. If you are experiencing toothache, it is wise to get an appointment with a general dentist. General dentists are dentists who are trained to determine what kind of problem a patient is suffering from, and further refer the patient to a specialist.
  2. If your teeth are visibly protruding, as is often the case with adolescents and young adults, an orthodontist can come to your rescue. Orthodontists are concerned with misaligned teeth. Among all kinds of dentists, orthodontists work to ensure that a person’s teeth are in perfect order.
  3. In case you are experiencing extreme toothache, which is causing inflammation and discomfort in the area surrounding the tooth, an endodontist is your best bet. While all dentists in Newmarket can identify the cause of a toothache, endodontists are primarily concerned with removing the infected pulp of the tooth so as to make the pain go away.

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