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Dental Cleanings: All You Need To Know

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Dental Cleanings: All You Need To Know

Dental Cleanings - All You Need To Know - Newmarket Dentist - East River Dental Care

Dental Cleanings is concerned with removal of plaque or calculus (or, as dentists like to call it, tartar), deposits that sit over the teeth and form a film over them, over time. You need to visit a dental clinic to get dental cleanings done. Our teeth are repeatedly suffused in saliva, and though that is a nice thing, the calcium and other minerals in our saliva might provide the plaque-infested bacteria to thrive right next to the gums. This white deposit that forms a layer over the teeth can differ in color – from black to brown.

The purpose of a dental cleaning is to clean and polish the surface of the teeth so as to prevent any kind of bacteria from sticking on to it and preventing plaque. The process of dental cleaning is, in fact, known as prophylaxis, which is a Greek word, meaning “to prevent beforehand”. Since a dental cleaning also removes the chances of bacteria infesting in your gums, it is a full-mouth protection of sorts. It also makes regular dental cleaning at home easier.

Dental cleanings are usually performed by certified dentists at their dental clinic Newmarket using ultrasound instruments. These are specialized instruments that gently knock off any tartar deposited in between teeth, or on the surface of teeth themselves. Along with the ultrasound instrument, the dentist also uses a cooling spray that helps maintain the temperature of teeth and gums.

While most dentists in Newmarket employ ultrasound tools, some old school dentists like to use fine hand tools to do the same. These include small tools that, when used with a small amount of pressure, can polish away fine pieces of any leftover tartar deposited on the teeth.

Dental cleaning are complex processes that ensure your oral hygiene is in perfect condition. Most dentists recommend a dental cleaning every six months. Always remember to approach a certified dental specialist to perform a dental cleaning on your teeth. For more information, visit or call on 905-895-8031.


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