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Dental fillings are used to restore a part of the tooth which has softened due to a cavity or may have broken off. Silver fillings were used in the past but have been mostly replaced with white fillings.

During the filling appointment, your mouth in a specific area will be anesthetized followed by drilling out the affected area of the tooth. The appropriate filling material is then bonded onto the tooth. A blue light will be used to set the filling into place. A small filling takes about 20 min to finish and a larger filling can take up to an hour.

Laughing gas or Nitrous oxide can be used to sedate you slightly in order to reduce anxiety if needed. If you are an overall healthy individual, you should be well enough to drive home after the procedure.

*Anytime a filling is done, you may experience slight soreness in the gums and cold sensitivity. Stick to room temperature foods, try salt water rinses and Sensodyne.
* If sensitivity persists for more than 8 weeks or is unbearable, please contact us. The small percentage of people may have the sensitivity that lasts longer but usually, there is a reason of either a deeper filling or a crack, which may require another intervention depending on the symptoms.
* Avoid chewing on hard foods for at least 24 hours after a filling is done.
* Your bite may be off initially and it can take a few days to settle. If in 2 weeks, its still seems off, please come in for an adjustment.


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