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Are All Dental Clinics the Same?

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Are All Dental Clinics the Same?

While all licensed dentists posses the minimum skill and qualification required to solve minor oral health problems, or diagnose the problem and refer the patient to a specialist, it is not true that all dental clinics are the same. A dental clinic in Newmarket varies on the basis of its working hours, specialization, and the kinds of patients it may treat. Most private dental clinics are a one stop solution to all dental problems, but specific dental clinics do exist to tackle specialized problems. Some of these dental clinics are:

Emergency Dental Clinic in Newmarket

An emergency dental clinic in Newmarket caters to the emergency requirements of people who have suffered an injury or have met with an accident that has left them with an oral health emergency. A dental clinic that is able to provide first aid and specialised care round the clock is classified as an emergency dental clinic.

Paediatric Dental Clinic in Newmarket

A paediatric dental clinic is one that specifically treats infants and young children. A paediatric dentist specialises in treating dental problems among kids, which could include prolonged thumb-sucking and teething difficulties. Since milk teeth are different from adult teeth, it is necessary for children to be shown to a specialist instead of a regular dentist in Newmarket.

General Clinics

The third most common type of dental clinic in Newmarket is a general dental clinic, where an adult with any dental problem may consult a dentist. At a regular dental clinic, the patient might be further referred to a specialist based on the preliminary diagnosis by the dentist. This kind of a dental clinic usually caters to all adults, including children and the aged.

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