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3 Most Common Oral Problems In Children

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3 Most Common Oral Problems In Children

3 Most Common Oral Problems In Children - East River Dental Care - Kids Dentist Newmarket

Parents usually tend to ignore the dental problems of small children considering the fact that the problems will vanish with the shedding of milk teeth. But they are unaware that oral care in formal years is very significant for the health of permanent teeth. For the good dental health of your children you should consult the kids dentist Newmarket.

The three most common problems that can be confronted by your kids are:

Tooth Decay:

Tooth decay occurs when the sugars in the food intake of your child comes in contact with the dental plaque. The dental plaque converts the sugar into acids which starts acting upon the mineral content of the teeth and hence starts decaying them. This is also known as dental caries. Although the saliva present in the mouth slows down the decaying procedure but sometimes the amount of saliva is not enough to decelerate the process.

Tooth Deformations

Tooth deformations can be caused by following reasons:

>> Sucking thumbs

Infants are habitual of sucking things. Sucking on an object can cause deformations in denture of the child.

>> Tongue pushing

Children are habitual of forcefully thrusting their tongue behind the upper and lower front teeth which disrupts the alignment of the front teeth.

>> Sucking lips

Lip sucking implies sucking at the lower lip, a very common act which is done by children. It can also cause deformation in the alignment of teeth and can further cause speech impediments.

Premature Tooth Loss

Sometimes children tend to lose their teeth prematurely, even before the arrival of milk teeth. You need to consult your dentist Newmarket if your child is facing such an issue.

These difficulties can only be shunned away by regular sessions with a Newmarket dentist. For more information, visit or call on 905-895-8031.


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